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1 month
Autonomous Technologies
Desktop & Mobile Application


Sumni-mini is a sales management desktop and mobile application. The mobile application is used by salespeople and the desktop app is used by sales managers.

Problem Statement

The client needed the applications without the backend but the data between mobile application and desktop application needed to be in sync. Also, both of the desktop and mobile apps were required to be cross platform.

  • Build a cross platform desktop application
  • Build a cross platform mobile application
  • Sync data among mobile and desktop app



Syncing data between multiple entities located at multiple remote locations was just impossible. There needed to be some centralized system to hold the data and manage it. We did our research and decided to use dropbox for data storage. We still needed some business logic to sync and manage the data. 

Since no server was allowed to be hosted, we planned to use the sales manager’s desktop application as the server. One caveat was:  the desktop application had to be running all the time else data wouldn’t sync and it would lead to DB inconsistency. The client agreed with our approach.

We were required to build the desktop app as a server & it had to be cross platform. The best solution was to use electron.js with expressjs server. For mobile applications we chose flutter as it was the best approach at that time.


Since business logic was the main priority designs were kept as less priority tasks.


In spite of weird requirements, the application was successfully developed and is being used on production without any issues.