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15 days
Web Application
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Salari is a web application to view the latest salary trends across the globe. 

Problem Statement

The application needed to collect salary data from the users in an easy intuitive way. The data also had to be shown in a simple convenient way. Signing up users was not necessary and would be counterproductive.

Sending weekly submitted salary data to the users was also a project requirement.

We generated a csv file with all of the week’s submitted salary data. Created a CORN job that sends the generated csv to the user’s email.


Build a simple but lightning fast web application to

  • Collect salary data
  • Allow users to search data with advanced filtering options
  • Send weekly salary report to subscribers


The overall app is separated into 3 parts: Frontend, Backend, Admin panel.

The backend has all the business logic exposed via API endpoints. Frontend & Admin panel render API responses in a suitable way. The backend has a dedicated background jobs mechanism to handle time-consuming tasks.

The frontend is built as a single page application on VueJs. The design system was built using Tailwind CSS.

The admin panel to visualize data and stats is also built on VueJs. Customized Bootstrap is used for admin as it allows for faster development.

Backend is based on Nodejs, Express, Docker and Redis. Postgres is used as a database.


Due to the simplicity and clearness of the requirements. We went with the tried and tested waterfall model.

Our team of developers and designers followed a basic workflow to achieve the goal.

  • Design & Server setup
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Production deployment


The client needed a fast web app, with a modern look and feel. We decided to use a frontend framework, Vue.js to be specific.

For sending weekly salary data. We first thought about sending the data creating an email template. But the volume of the submitted data in the week can be high and sending them all exposed, can be a bit overwhelming to read.

So we decided to send the elaborate data in a CSV file. Appeasing to the power viewers who want to do further analysis of the data. For casual viewers, we included a summary of the week’s salary data.

Design Specification


The client needed a simple & sleek design that would be easy for human eyes to process.

Saalari Home
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They are the best development agency I have worked with. Top top. They are responsive, understood the brief, and worked with me to clarify some things I wasn’t sure about. They went above and beyond to make sure the goals of the project were delivered on time. I can’t recommend TVC enough. And I’d be sending themfuture projects for sure.

Abraham Iyiola
Co-Founder/CEO at Saalari


The Value Crew successfully finished the project meeting the deadline and all the objectives. The client was extremely pleased with our effort, dedication and ownership. Plans for the second phase are being made.

Edit: The Value Crew took on the second phase and successfully completed it too. Talks are being made for a third phase.