Pine Primary Arts

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15 days


Pine Primary Arts were founded by artist and gallerist, Rebecca Lidert. After establishing herself as a leading figure in the art world, Rebecca turned her attention towards art education after discovering that there was a severe lack of art teachers in primary schools across the country. As someone who found art vital to her development as a young child, this revelation dismayed her, and she sought to rectify it by creating Pine Primary Arts.

Established in 2019, Pine Primary Arts aims to support children in exploring and developing their creative skills. Not only does Pine Primary Arts help students who are differently-abled, but it also makes learning more fun and engaging for students across the entire spectrum. By introducing children to new materials and mediums as well as new creative practices, and equipping teachers with the necessary confidence to teach art, Pine Primary Arts ensures creativity is a core component of children’s education.


The following were the objectives of the project:

  • Build a beautiful, modern and clean website that is aligned with the company values and message
  • Provide the client with the ability to easily modify, update and add new content


The client was already familiar with the WordPress platform. The requirements weren’t anything complicated so we opted for WordPress because of its ease and customization. Both for the developers and the end-users.


Design Specifcation


The client was a big fan of elegant dark websites. They sent Vayner Media’s site as their inspiration. So we based our design specifications around this.


All I have to say is AMAZING work! The team at TVC is patient kind and understanding! They delivered a great site. Truly a 5 out of five experience for me!

Rebecca Lidert


The website was successfully developed within schedule. It is now fully functional and in use.

Another phase is planned to start from August 2021, which will add E-Commerce capabilities to the site.