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Unisoft Solutions Inc
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Unisoft Solutions Inc is a complete IT Consulting company, helping great companies become greater by providing superior Direct Placement Services, Business Process Services, IT Support and Maintenance and more. 

In its 4+ years of operation, it has successfully served 120+ clients across the globe, from industry leaders like BMW and IBM  to promising startups. Unisoft is also a leader in IT Consulting in the fields of Education, Finance and Health Care.    

The Value Crew was referred to Unisoft Solutions by a former working colleague.

Problem Statement

Unisoft Solutions Inc even though was working with industry giants and was full of competent and proactive employees, lacked a strong online presence. 

The first step the leaders of Unisoft Solutions Inc. wanted to take was building a website that followed modern design standards, and could communicate the richness of their clientele. In other words, Unisoft Solutions Inc was in need of a content management system communicating effectively with the viewer on the outside and easily customizable and feature rich on the inside.


The following were the objectives of this Web Development Project:

  • Create a modern and visually communicating web design, adding the company’s unique personality
  • Highly customizable CMS which is marketing ready
  • Optimize page speeds for mobile and desktop


Instead of reinventing the wheel and considering how the client was already familiar with WordPress, we favored it as our Content Management System. WordPress’s marketing ready nature and abundance of plugins helped us cut development time and cost. We used Custom post types and Custom fields to fulfill our additional content needs.


Considering that the project had clear requirements and was relatively simpler to build. We took a loose Incremental approach. 

A big non repeating Requirements and Analysis phase before starting the project, where everything was cautiously understood and planned. We worked in increments on the Design and Development phase, consulting the client before and after each increments. Following with a Testing phase at the end.


During the early phases of Project Discovery we clearly discussed what vision they had for their website. How they wanted their rich clientele to be showcased and their achievements be highlighted throughout individual pages.  

The discussion on their vision also helped us create a design system which the site will follow.

Landing Hero Section


Following modern design standards and practices. For colors, our discussion with the client about the vision for their website helped and we decided to go with a mix of colors representing enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, calmness etc. 

For fonts, we decided to go for a sans-serif duo. Poppins for headings and Raleway for content or body text.

What Differentiates Us Section
Clients Section
Stats Section Design
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Reviews Section


Client’s needs of a reliable CMS and clean and modern looking website was successfully met within deadline and budget. 

Client is extremely satisfied with the result put up by The Value Crew team and has reported the website has helped him close deals and get in contact with new leads.