Bartend My Party:
Find the perfect bartender

Laravel Vue.js Web Application
3 months
Web Application
Stripe Workflow


Bartend My Party is a first-of-a-kind platform that connects bartenders and mixologists with party hosts and corporations looking to hire local professionals for their next party or event.

Bartend My Party is intended to connect small business owners specializing in bartending services with private individuals and corporations looking to leverage their services for their next party or corporate function.

Problem Statement

The web application had two parties. Bartenders and Customers. Bartenders provide their bartending services as packages to the customers. Customers here are generally individuals and organizations looking to hire a bartender for their events.

Bartenders enter the platform by choosing and purchasing one of the three packages. Each package has different offerings. Basic provides complimentary Listing In two zip codes. Advanced provides complimentary listing in four zip codes. Platinium provides complimentary listing In Ten Zip Codes.

Customers sign up search bartenders by zipcodes and on a radius basis. They chose their bartenders, chat and discuss and choose or request a package from the bartender. And book bartenders.

Overall, the application needs to handle advanced payments, chat, creating different types of packages as services, a robust booking system with notifications and cancellation and advanced searching using zip code and respective radius.


Build a complete web application platform where bartenders offer their services to customers. Packed with features like:

  • Booking
  • Payment
  • Chatting
  • Custom and Pre-defined Package creation
  • Secure Auth system
  • Profile Creation


The web application can be divided into parts according to end-users. Bartenders, Customers and Admin.

Bartenders are able to open their accounts on a subscription-based package. They are able to create their profile and services. Chat with potential customers and send them custom services.

Customers are able to book and pay for bartender services. Manage and cancel orders and have access to other features.

Administrators are able to add bartenders, customers and other admins. They will also have access to other information and overall features of the site.


We went with the incremental approach to complete this project.

Building increments and working together with the client to find out what else is necessary for bartenders and customers, to make our platform more engaging and rewarding for all parties.


We looked a lot into Find Your Trainer: A fitness trainer booking service. We found our application was a lot similar to what it was, so it was our benchmark.

For handling yearly repeating payments from bartenders and instant payments for customers, we decided to go with Stripe. As it is a widely recognized payment gateway and had very comprehensive documentation.

Chat and Real-time notifications were handled by Pusher’s real-time APIs.

For building the web application we preferred a monolith system and went with the Laravel web framework.


We had a thorough conversation with the client and decided to settle on a minimalist UI design.


The Value Crew was able to successfully complete the project. The timeframe had to be added to, because of some late suggested changes by the client. TVC is closely monitoring and adding to the now in a production website.