Divine Service Home

The head office is based in the Capital City of Nepal, Kathmandu which is a Shelter currently for thirteen Old aged Women. The Non-profitable Organization prioritizes underprivileged, single, and financially vulnerable women above the age of sixty-five. The branch Organization is situated at Ratomate V.D.C which is four kilometers away from the city of Hetauda and is currently providing its services of shelter and care to almost forty Old aged women and men residing there. DSH also emphasizes other sectors of service which are equally important and organizes programs like:

  • Education sponsorship to underprivileged children
  • Physiotherapy and pathological facilities inside the ashram’s health center which is open to all
  • Organizes monthly and yearly health camps
  • Provides Spiritual guidance and Yoga teachings to the earnest seekers
  • Weekly Satsang and Bhajan (Spiritual counseling and devotional song programs)

Our story

With the grace and inner influence of Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj, the Saints (Mahatma Sunita Baiji, Mahatma Pravin Baiji) and the Chairman Mr. T.R Niraula established the Divine Service Home Kathmandu in the month of August 2001. The Ashram gave the service of old-age care to four mothers who were recommended by various sources and members. With limited bed capacity and nominal finance, the service of the ashram started with the hope that numerous helping hands would automatically come by the grace of God. The trust towards almighty and determination to serve has today resulted in the ashram having 325 members, fourteen elderly mothers (currently residing),15 bed-capacity shelter home, distinct funds for medical, groceries, cremation, and many other supporting hands to help run the ashram.

With a greater vision, aim and enthusiasm to provide service of Divine Service Home in a rural setting of Nepal, Divine Service Home – Hetauda was established by the Saints and board members of Ashram head office. It would not also have been possible to plan or establish an ashram of a bigger scale, capacity, and area in Hetauda without the support of active social workers and members who wanted to collaborate with the team in this noble cause. 

The ashram situated in 2 hector land holds the capacity of accommodating almost forty elderly residents (both man and women) and it is currently serving more than 25 homeless and vulnerable elderly personals.


Be an annual/life member

You can contribute by being a member of the ashram.

For the humanitarian souls who want to contribute financially, we have an option of annual membership costing 12$ (1200 NPR) annually and lifetime membership costing 100$ (10000 NPR).

Students Scholarship

We believe that every child has the right to education. So we provide education sponsorship to underprivileged children.  Also, we ensure that they have proper school books, dresses, and other necessary items.

  • Annual cost per student (Primary level)- 50$ (5000NPR)
  • Annual cost per student (Secondary level)- 100$ (10000NPR)
  • You can also Sponsor more than one student education

Medical allowances

We ensure that our mothers and fathers get doctor assistance hence we call a team of doctors in every two to three months.

If you are willing to donate to us for medical allowances, you can directly transfer funds to DSH medical bank account which can only be used for medical assistance. 


Bhandara means food (lunch/dinner). We request every individual to come to the Ashram and serve food by themselves. 

  • Kathmandu Ashram (2500 NPR) One-time Bhandara
  • Hetauda Ashram (3500 NPR) One time Bhandara
  • Both the Ashram (6000 NPR) One time Bhandara
  • Kathmandu Ashram full day (6000 NPR)
  • Hetauda Ashram full day (9000 NPR)

You can pay us by using our QR code: