Disabled Rehabilitation Center


The Disabled Rehabilitation Centre Nepal was established in 2002 as a non-profit and Non-Government Organisation (NGO). Many of the founding members were people who had physical disabilities themselves. DRC Nepal is registered with the Chief District Office of Government, Kathmandu, and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council under the Ministry of Social Welfare.

 At DRC 55 children are living and getting an education, health care, therapy and a Familiar home. Here are children with physical disabilities or coming from extremely poor families. This mix of disabled and non-disabled children is a great benefit for all.

Our appeal

DRC seeks the cooperation of all people who wish to contribute to the health, education and well-being of this disadvantaged social group. We seek your support to achieve our goals of medical treatment and rehabilitation, education, social integration and the development of the skills of self-reliance for these children. We also welcome your suggestions for ways in which we can improve our service.


We are always in need of more funds to support the children’s education and rehabilitation. To donate to us please visit our website.


You Can Help Us by

  • * Providing Clothes, Toys, Books, Stationery, and other daily needs
  • * Sponsoring a Child’s School Tuition Fees, Uniforms, and Text Books.
  • * Sponsoring a Child’s Health needs..eg Surgery, Orthopaedic equipment.
  • * By giving free services according to your specialization or profession. (Surgery, Medical, Dental, Teaching Skills, etc)
  • * Donations or financial assistance for food, medicines, orthopaedic equipment, computer equipment, and School Expenses
  • * By doing volunteer service. (Home teaching, technical assistance, housecleaning, health service, referrals to professionals, etc.)

  • DRC has established an International Volunteer Programme and also receives International Volunteers through the ‘HopenHome’ Volunteer Organisation. The children benefit from the teaching and assistance the volunteers provide, and many of these dedicated people continue to fundraise for DRC when they return to their countries. See the volunteer programs

If you like to do a material donation please contact us so we can inform you about our current needs.

You may give your financial donation, via your local bank, to Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal by depositing it into the appropriate account.

Health Account

Name of the Account : Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal
Account No : 014 029971s
Name of the Bank : Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd
Address : Chabhil , Kathmandu, Nepal

Education Account

Name of the Account : Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal
Account No: 014 029972s
Name of the Bank: Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd
Address : Chabhil , Kathmandu, Nepal

General Account

Name of the Account : Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal
Account No : 023 03046260015
Name of the Bank : Himalayan Bank Limited, Chabahil Branch

Account type : Current Account NRP.

Swift Code :HIMANPKA

Address : Chabhil , Kathmandu, Nepal

Arrangement for your DRC receipt will be made as soon as your deposit has been confirmed by our office.